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Goog morning, every body.

Today BBN news is the Winter Long-distance Running Sports held on Dec. 22, 2018. The total distance is 3.5 km for whole team. Other than team running, there is also single match, 2 km more. And Relay Race. Other than Relay Race between representative team of BBN steel employees. There is a very sweet interaction - the Relay Race between Mother team and Children team. The smallest participating children is 3 years only. But they performs very well. Do you want to know who win, Mums or babies? Ok, let us go!
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Team running:3.5 km
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Single match: 2 km more
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Relay Race:
The Relay Race between Mother team and Children team is a bright point of the whole sports. The Children team matchs very well and undoubtedly, they win the Mother team at last.

The children are very cute and bring a lot of pleasure to the Sports. With those sweet faces, cheers and laughter. It's no longer cold this winter.
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