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In 2018, the steel pipe industry as a whole showed the characteristics of output growth, import increase, export decline and price fluctuation. With the release of new production capacity of steel pipes in China, the competition in the later industry is bound to intensify; with the help of going out, the market of oil and gas pipelines and pipelines in China is still in stable demand; while China's capital construction is in a slow recovery stage, and the demand for galvanized pipes, steel pipes for construction structures and steel pipes for construction machinery is in a downward trend in the later period.

From the point of view of export situation, China's steel exports have been hindered obviously in recent years, and it is expected that the future market will continue. In addition, with the rise of China's steel prices and the decline of export profits, the future steel pipe export situation is not optimistic.

From the price point of view, as the end product of the industrial chain, the steel pipe price in 2019 is still difficult to get rid of the "passive" role, mainly affected by the major environmental impact of the steel market.

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